In 1857, settlers of Carlisle decided a Methodist church was needed in the community.  The church was started as part of the Fort Des Moines Circuit.  Charter members included Mrs. Sophia Shoemaker, Mrs. Eliza Petrie, Mrs. Betsy Buxton, Thomas Parker, Harrison Bramhill, Fred and Carolyn Duprey, James Conely, Sabra Hargis, John and Eliza Whitehorn and Mary Porter.

In 1859, it became part of Hartford Circuit and consisted of 15 members.

In 1870, it became the Carlisle Circuit and consisted of Carlisle, Bloomfield Chapel, Palmyra and Hartford.  Farmers Chapel was later substituted for Hartford.

Services were held in the schoolhouse until 1868 at which time a church was built at a cost of $2,500.  The church was located at the same location as the present church.  This church…